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Featured Product – HD/ 3D Projection Screen

mocom HD/3D projection screen

Solstice™ Projection Screen

This concave projection screen offers you the best 2D/HD/3D image quality with 18x, 23x higher brightness and contrast. Plus, it delivers excellent 3D performance in any type of 3D (both passive and active) by reflecting high polarization. Read more

3D silver screen

Silver Brilliance - 3D Silver Screen

A 3D front projection screen that is optimized for both active and passive 3D with high-polarization preservation. 2.5-Gain of brightness compensates the loss for the brightness in 3D system. Very durable surface. Read more

high gain projection screen

Mega Brilliance

A high Gain film-based front projection screen made with multi-reflective layers material and diffusers. It boasts 7x higher brightness compared to a standard Matte White screen.Read more

curved projection screen

Curved/Panoramic Screen

Curved Screens for simulator(multi-projector display) or any other applications. Custom order. Any degree, ratio available. Two materials (Silver fabric for 3D or High-Gain film). Read more


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