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Inherited Optical Technologies from the First Optical Company of S. Korea


Mocom’s optical screen technologies has inherited from

the first optical company, “institute of Korea Science Education Aids,”established in 1953.

The company exported micorscope lens to the Nikon, Olympus in Japan.



The First Venture Company in Korea


The company was established in 1982 and nominated by FKI (Federation of Korean industries)




  • Asia
    • Dongduchun, Korea (6,964m²)
    • Pochun, Korea (3,593m²)
  • North America
    • Barstow, CA, USA (161,877m²) – Planned factory site


Core Competency:  Any and All Types of Projection Screen

  • Production of screen with gain of 1 ~ 23
    • Only screens with true gain greater than 15
  • Front Screens, Film Screens, Rear Projection Screens, Dupic (Dual-Sided) Screens, Concave Screens, Curved Screens, and 2D, HD, 3D Projection Screens

* Front projection screen (1- 40 Gain)
* Dupic screen (double sided)
* Rear projection screen
* Flat projection screen
* 3D stereoscopic projection screen

Award-Winning Projection Screen Technology

– Innovation awards from CES2002,2003 and 2004.mocomtech
– Presidential prize in Korea twice
– World first class product award

Great Number of Patents in Projection Screen Technology

  • Patents in USA, U.K, S. Korea, China, India, Japan, Germany, etc.
  • Number of registered patents
    • 350 – Korea
    • 100 – internationalmocomtech

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