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Why choose MOCOMTECH?

Mocomtech always strives to provide the best solutions. Starting as an optical company, its lens-making technologies were integrated into projector screens to create a new optical screen. Mocom Tech then began making 20 gain screens that no other company was capable of producing. The superior technologies obtained patents and also won the Presidential Award in Korea. Mocomtech then went on to receive the CES technology innovation award for three straight years abroad for its concave-shaped high gain projection screen“Solstice screen™” and double-sided film screen “DUPIC™”. Mocomtech is now progressing even further to become not only a company specializing in projection screens, but also VR (virtual reality).

Award-Winning Technology

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Mocomtech screens’ innovation and quality have received numerous accolades in the industry including CES Innovation Awards for 3 consecutive years, Presidential Prize (Korea) for 2 years, World First Class Product Award, etc.


Korean President Prize         Iron Tower          CES Innovation Awards

C.E.O Hae-yong Choi

모컴테크 C.E.O
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The First Venture Company in Korea

Mocom’s CEO Haeyong Choi was the president of the first venture company that was established in 1982 and nominated by FKI (Federation of Korean industries)

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Inherited Optical Technologies from the First Optical Company of S. Korea

Mocom’s optical screen technologies has inherited from the first optical company, “institute of Korea Science Education Aids,”established in 1953. The company exported microscopic lens to the Nikon, Olympus in Japan.

Largest Dedicated Projection Screen manufacture

Two factories in Korea -Dongduchun, Korea (6,964m²) and Pochun, Korea (3,593m²) and planning to build the factory in USA (Barstow, CA, USA (161,877m²) – Planned factory site.

Mocom’s History

Great Number of Patents in Projection Screen Technology

Patents in USA, U.K, S. Korea, China, India, Japan, Germany, etc.
Number of registered patents

350 – Korea

100 – international

We export more than 30 countries

Satisfied Customers
Number of installation in House of worship
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