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Project Description

projection screen high gain, mocom solstice screen

In 1950, there were about 40 to 50 Eurasian families in St. Michael’s estate who were mostly Catholic, with a smattering of Chinese and Indian families.

By the mid 1950s, it was realised that there was no place of worship for Catholics between town and Paya Lebar. (another estate) This led Archdiocese to buy a large two-storey bungalow on 17, St. Michael’s Road. It was on this plot of land that was to become the future Church of St. Michael with the name of the church taking its name from the street where it was sited.

The first mass was celebrated on 1st October 1961. With no church bells, a taped recording of bells of another church would be played whenever there was a service.


projection screen high gain, mocom solstice screen
projection screen high gain, mocom solstice screen

Through the years, the church was re-constructed and several restoration were done as the increases of worshipers. Till lately, the church decided to put up a Mocom Solstice Concave High Gain Screen, MD-147 for the bettering of the projected sermons instead of the last that was just on the wall.

The response was great! Worshipers were able to follow to the projected sermons, irregardless on where they are sitting inside the church hall.

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