• Mega Brilliance (adhesive film) is a  front projection screen made of multi-reflective layers of material and diffusers. It boasts 7x higher brightness compared to standard matte white screens while maintaining a wide viewing area. It is suitable for commercial applications with high ambient light. Patent in US, UK, China, Japan, and S. Korea
  • adhesive film screen "dupic"
    A new projection screen film technology that has been optimized to transmit 50% of the received light while reflecting the other 50%.
    How it works?
    When applied to window or an acrylic panel and suspended in the middle of an open space, video of equal brightness and quality can be seen from both sides of the hanging panel for a 360° viewing experience with no heavy equipment hanging overhead. For traditional rear-screen applications, DUPIC is superior to conventional film materials in that it provides even corner-to-corner light distribution without hot-spots.

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