Screen Table

Down-view High-definition Image/Discussion Table

The “Screen Table” uses a structure to view images through transparent glass installed within the table. It has been designed using a special down-view method that offers a 1.5-times longer viewing distance than the size of the table. Therefore, it does not hurt the neck, and significantly lowers levels of fatigue, even when used for long periods of time.
The special transparent glass on the table’s surface has excellent flatness, and it can prevent nearsightedness, lessen fatigue, and offers two-times higher definition. This optical image table not only offers a high-definition display function, but it also serves as a table where users can place their beverage or food while working.




Features of a “Screen Table®”

  • Embedded screen that does not block your field of vision

  • Down-view method that lessens visual impairment and fatigue

  • 1.5-times bigger screen for greater viewing distance

  • Special glass surface can be used for various work activities as well as a place for hot beverages

  • Special high definition reflection structure that does not cause duplicate images

  • Can be converted to multi-shaped discussion video structures, such as squares, pentagons, and hexagons

  • High definition big-screen monitor structure (28 – 40”/2 – 4K)

  • Patents in Korea, USA, Japan, UK, and India

Visual image information is 60,000 times faster than text information

The human brain processes visual image information 60,000 times faster than it does text. It has been reported that of all information sent to the brain, 90% is information taken from images. Tables used in various places, such as offices, conference rooms, academies, schools, study halls, and coffee shops, should not just provide text, but should also provide information through images.

Existing Computer Desk Structures

Causing chronic neck pain

Blocking the view

Increasing the fatigue

Down-view High Definition Image System “Screen Table®”

Computer Desk

Screen Table

Various Uses! Technological Product with International Patents

Its square, pentagonal, and hexagonal structure options also make it applicable for video discussion and educational purposes at colleges, elementary schools, middle and high schools, as well as for internet lectures, and conferences. It can also be used as a video table in coffee shops and sports bars.

This product is perfect for a wide variety of users, including workers, students, and doctors, anyone who works on a computer, or with visual images, for more than an hour.


 ST-400 ST-280 ST-6400 ST-6280
Screen size 40″ 28″ 40″ 28″
Resolution 4K 2K/4K 4K 2K/4K
Down-view down-view down-view down-view down-view
No. of user 1-2 1-2 6 6

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