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Simulation Curved Projection Screen

The technicians at Mocom have several decades of experience in the area of screen manufacturing. Mocom’s curved screen is a customized product that is made-to-order for each customer. For Mocom’s projection curved screen, a unique material is applied to the frame that is specially manufactured to ensure that the screen has no creases and high smoothness. Any degree and shape of the screens are available for single or multi-projector displays. All Mocom curved screens are available in a design format that allows assembly on site.

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Mocom’s multi-channel curved projection screen is custom made upon your request. Any degree and shape of projection screen is available for single or multi-projector displays.

  • Gives a sense of immersion
  • For visualization applications

  • For multi-channel simulation displays
  • Excellent for museums or exhibitions

  • Excellent for training simulators: flight simulators, driving simulators, military simulators, etc…

Curved Screen Material

  • Model : MMWC

  • Brightness : 1Gain

  • Max. height : 3m

  • Material Color: White

  • Max. Degree: 360°

  • Min. radius: 2,400mm

  • No Passive 3D

  • Model : HSC/HSWC/HSRC

  • Brightness : 7Gain

  • Max. Height : 1.6m

  • Material Color : Silver

  • Max. Degree: 120° / 180° 

  • Min. radius: 2,400mm/700mm

  • No passive 3D

  • Model : MH3D/MHW3DC

  • Brightness: 2.5Gain

  • Max. Height : 3.1m

  • Material Color: Silver

  • Max. Degree: 120° 

  • Min. radius: 3,000mm

  • Polarization Retention (Passive 3D)

  • Model : MRSC/MRWC

  • Brightness: 3 Gain

  • Max. Height : 3.1m

  • Material Color : Gray

  • Max. Degree: 80° 

  • Min. radius: 2,400mm

  • No Polarization Retention

  • Model : MRHC/MRHWC
  • Brightness : 2.5Gain
  • Max. Height : 1.15m

  • Material Color: Blueish Gray

  • Max. degree: C2400 

  • Min. radius: 1,500mm

  • Polarization Retention (Passive 3D)

  • Multiple channel projection displays
  • Custom-made
  • Spring-tensioned Screen/ On-site Assembly


커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린
커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린
커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린
커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린
커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린
커브드 스크린, 시뮬레이션 스크린, VR 스크린, 곡면스크린


Curved Projection Screen Specification

DescriptionType AType BType C
1) Brightness2.5 Gain7 Gain1 Gain
2) Dimension : HeightUp to 3.150mm Up to 1,600mmUp to 3,000m
                              : WidthNo limit (Depending on the number of projectors)No limit (Depending on the number of projectors)No limit (Depending on the number of projectors)
3) MaterialSilverSilver colored filmMatte White
4) SeamlessSeamlessSeamless up to  1,600mmSeamless
Seam over 1,600mm
5) Sizeup to 120°up to 120°up to 360°
Multi – projection screenMulti-projection screenMulti-projection screen
ex : 3,000mm*180ex :3,000mm*180
6)  AssemblyOn-site assemblyOn-site assemblyOn-site assembly
Note2D. 3D (Polarization Retention 0)2D only (Polarization Retention X)2D only (Polarization Retention X)
Floor stand (Option)Floor stand (Option)Floor stand (Option)