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Double-sided Screen (Front/Rear projection Screen)

“D U P I C”

Enjoy a 360°image from the front and rear sides of the screen with just one projector!

Patents registered : USA, UK, China, Korea, and Japan

Award-Winning Technology (CES Innovation)

양면스크린 듀픽의 작동원리


  • A film screen with two times improved refractive index

  • Fiber optics powdered surface at the molecular level

  • This film has a two-times improved refractive index which makes the image refracted equally (1:1) from a projector on both directions. Fifty of the projection light (G) goes through the film (D) to the other side (G -> G”);  the rest of the light (B) is refracted inside of the film and bounces back toward the projector.  (B -> B”)

  • Same high resolution, wide viewing angle (180°), and no hot spot on both refracted and transmitted image.


  • Café’s, Bars, Restaurants

  • Window display, Digital signage

  • Events, entertainment, Gallary

  • Shops, shopping malls

  • Museums, amusement park

  • Fairs, trande show and demonstrations

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