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Mega Brilliance :: Mocom High Gain Projection Screen 2016-10-18T02:14:46+00:00

Mocom High-Gain Projection Screen

“Mega Brilliance”


Mega Brilliance is a High-Gain film-based front projection screen made of multi-reflective layers of material and diffusers. It boasts 7x higher brightness compared to standard matte white screens while maintaining a wide viewing area. It is suitable for commercial applications with high ambient light.


* Patent in USA
mega high gain projection screen


Screen with a frame

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  • Fixed Screen
  • High Gain projection screen
  • Tension-ed with springs
  • Color:  Silver
  • Gain: 7
  • Minimized hot-spots
  • Accepts full HD, UHD sources
  • Durable surface
  • Wide viewing cone
  • Easy-to-install (requires field assembly)
  • Black velvet finished frame
  • Ready for HD/ Active 3D
  • Very durable / washable surface

Model Format Size (Diagonal) Seamless
VH Video (4:3) 60-200” Up to 130”
VHW HD (16:9) 60-300” Up to 140”

* Seamless scalable up to height of 1,600 mm (5.25 ft)

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vh-spec-en vhw-spec-en

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Mega Brilliance Adhesive film screen


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  • High Gain Film  projection screen (Front projection Screen)
  • Type: Adhesive
  • Gain : 7
  • Color : Silver
  • Patents registered : USA, UK, China, Japan, and Korea.
  • Size :  Height 1,800mm




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Mocom flat screen mega brilliance specification
Mocom Mega Brilliance Screen Specification


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