Concave Screen Technology

Mocom Concave Projection Screen Technology- Ultra High Gain Projection Screen

Ultra high brightness (X18, x23) is achieved by using high-reflective material and precise curvature


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The Technology Delivering the Difference


mocom projection screen technology from simulation screen technology
  • Mocom screens adopt the same high-tech projection screen technology used in military and aviation simulator into the commercial and residential market.
  • Mocom screens are manufactured using a massive precision lens tools. The tool, with weights 10 tons and is nearly a foot think was milled from a single metal ingot and took several years to complete. The optical accuracy of the Mocom screens is a key component of their high performance.

Concave Benefit

mocom screen
  • The precise spherical surface of the projecction screen matches the spherical shape projected from the lens.
mocom screen
    • Outstanding off-axis light rejection accepts, Only reflects the light coming from the projector
    • Over 80 % of brightness uniformity = No hot spotting



*What is Hot Spotting?

                   Mocom Solstice Screen                Vs.           Typical Matte White Screen

Image without hot-spottingImage without hot-spotting

Image with hot-spottingImage with hot-spotting

When viewing the screen from a center position, the middle portion of the image appears brighter than the edges. On screens with 1.3 gain, hot spotting is not very noticeable, but as gain increases beyond 1.3 hot spotting becomes a real distraction!









Screen Material



mocom projection screen surface
  • High Reflectivity with micro-fine diffusion lines
  • Micro-fine diffusion lines along the scanning axis increases the horizontal viewing angle.
  • Micron sized aluminum particles provide crisp and clear image
  • High Contrast – Dark silver color material enhances the contrast


  • Excellent color reproduction –  high-color accuracy that ensures natural color temperature and produces superior color reproduction.

Typical Matte White Screen

Poor color reproduction with matte white screen

Poor color reproduction

Mocom Solstice Screen

clear image with mocom projection screen

Excellent color reproduction


  • Rich gradation – high-color accuracy that ensures nature color temperature and realizes perfect color reproduction.   It covers a broad color gamut and allows a wide range of gradation.

 Typical Matte White Screen

Poor Gradation with typical matte white screen

Poor Gradation

Mocom Solstice Screen

Rich gradation

Rich Gradation


  • Fast response time
  • Faster visual reaction time – No image ghosting
  • High polarization reflection for passive 3D

Typical Matte White Screen   Vs.   Mocom Solstice Screen


No polarization preservation                    High Polarization Reflection

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Mocom Screens are protected by patents worldwide. Any person making, using, selling or importing Products by using Mocomtech’s technology without Mocomtech’s permission, will be subject to an injunction, liable for damages, and can be sued for infringement.
Patented in U.S.A, China, U.K, Korea, Japan, India etc and other 10 countries.