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The World’s Brightest Projection Screen Ever

Ultra high brightness (X18, x23) achieved by using high-reflective material and precise curvature by patented technology

Mocom’s history as an optics company has resulted in a new approach to projection screen design.

Controlling lighting is always difficult and is crucial when you set up the projection system… at least until you see Mocom’s signature projection screen ‘Solstice™.”   This unique, patented technology has set a new standard for the performance of front projection screens. By delivering higher gain, resolution, contrast, and color accuracy  in bright-light environments Mocom has made it possible to use projection screens for applications that previously required more expensive, less reliable, and lower performance technologies. This Concave Optical projection screen is suitable for any commercial or residential applications.

With the “Solstice™” projection screen, there are no more worries about ambient light. Solstice will allow you to enjoy excellent image quality on a big screen! The brightness and clarity of this screen is far better than what you’ve ever seen before!

Fighter Simulator Screen techonolgy

Mocom screens contain the same high-tech projection screen technology used by the military and by aviation simulator in the commercial markets.

The largest Concave Projection Screen

Mocom screens are manufactured using a massive precision lens tool. The tool, which weighs 10 tons and is nearly a foot thick was milled from a single metal ingot and took several years to complete.

The optical accuracy of Mocom screens is a key component of their high performance.

Three Core Technologies

of MOCOM high-Gain projection screen “Solstice™”

High Contrast

Dark silver color material enhances the contrast

Excellent Color Reproduction

High-color accuracy that ensures natural color temperature and produces superior color reproduction.

Rich Gradation

High-color accuracy that ensures nature color temperature and realizes perfect color reproduction. Covers a broad color gamut and allows a wide range of gradation.


No Hot-spot

High-color accuracy that ensures nature color temperature and realizes perfect color reproduction. Covers a broad color gamut and allows a wide range of gradation.


Why you need Solstice for 3D?

The Solstice™ projection screen  is poised to be the next big leap in 3D. It is the world’s first concave lens-type screen optimized for use in 3D Applications. This 3D concave projection screen uses optical lens technology to provide 18 to 23 gain of brightness while retaining higher than 99% of polarization, depth simulation, and improved image resolution.

Brightness is especially important with 3D technology. Polarized transmission, coupled with polarized glasses, means the brightness of 3D images falls to less than 35% of non 3D images. The the polarization rate also drops between the source and the viewer’s eyes. Additionally, the brightness of the image on the screen drops in proportion to its size. The Solstice projection screen solves the problem of brightness by increasing light and  polarization reflection as compared to standard 3D silver screens.

Mocom Screens are protected by patents worldwide. Any person making, using, selling or importing Products by using Mocomtech’s technology without Mocomtech’s permission, will be subject to an injunction, liable for damages, and can be sued for infringement.
Patented in U.S.A, China, U.K, Korea, Japan, India etc and other 10 countries.

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