ALR High-Gain Projection Screen


Ultra-high Gain optical SD/HD/3D screens designed to perform well under any lighting conditions, including bright ambient lights.

Innovative materials and manufacturing processes used for the Solstice projection screen deliver 18 times more brightness as compared to a standard matte white projection screen.

The specially designed, precise, lens-like curvature helps eliminate hot spots, displaying only the light from the projector while diffusing ambient light.

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Curved Projection screen for simulator

We use the unique material for our curved projection screen to ensure that the screen has no creases and high smoothness. All curved screens are made-to-order for each customer.

simulation curved projection screen

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Silver Brilliance

This 3D silver preserves high polarization to enable passive 3D image viewing. It also compensates for the loss in image brightness (2.5Gain) when polarization and polarized glasses are used.

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Mega Brilliance

Mega Brilliance is a High-Gain film-based front projection screen made of multi-reflective layers of material and diffusers. It boasts 7x higher brightness compared to standard matte white screens. It is suitable for commercial applications with high ambient light.

High Gain projection screen

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A new projection screen film technology that has been optimized to transmit 50% of the received light while reflecting the other 50%.



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“Best of the best!! Mocom solstice the best screens! I recommend to everyone! ”

Alexandr Yakovlev


"The curved screen I purchased from MOCOM has taken my Flight Simulation to a new level of realism"

Tom Grove


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