• Our state-of-the-art high-gain optical projection screen offers vivid colors and sharp images, even in brightly lit environments.
  • Enhance your viewing experience with our premium projection screens, designed for superior visual performance under any lighting circumstances.
  • Benefit from a remarkable 18-fold increase in brightness (18Gain) due to our innovative materials and advanced production methods.
  • The lens-like curved design of our screen prevents glare and concentrates on the projector's light, effectively dispersing surrounding light to create an engaging viewing atmosphere.

simulation curved projection screen

For simulation

Our curved projection screens are meticulously manufactured with a special material to guarantee a seamless, crease-free surface that offers a sophisticated look for an exceptional simulation experience.

Each curved screen is tailored to accommodate the individual requirements of our customers, ensuring an accurate fit and a customized viewing experience.

Whether you desire a 120°, 180°, 270°, or 360° curvature, we are capable of producing it based on your precise instructions.

3D Silver Screen, 3D projection Screen, 3D silver Projection Screen by Mocom

3D passive projection Screen

Our 3D silver projection screen is specifically designed to uphold high polarization levels, allowing for smooth passive 3D image viewing. Moreover, it efficiently counteracts the decrease in image brightness (2.5Gain) experienced with polarization and polarized glasses.

What sets our 3D silver screen apart is its unique feature of retaining its silver power without evaporation, unlike other screens. This longevity is achieved through a special heat treatment applied to the surface material.

We offer screen sizes of up to 250", providing a wide range of options to suit your viewing needs.

High Gain projection screen Mega Brilliance

High-Gain flat screen

Mega Brilliance

The Mega Brilliance is an exceptional High-Gain front projection screen crafted from a blend of multi-reflective layers of premium materials and advanced diffusers. Boasting 7x higher brightness compared to traditional matte white screens, this innovative technology sets a new standard in visual excellence.

Designed to excel in commercial settings with challenging ambient light conditions, the Mega Brilliance ensures vivid and captivating image quality that surpasses expectations.


Double-sided film screen


Featuring award-winning optical technology, our specially designed projection screen film incorporates a groundbreaking approach.

This technology has been optimized to transmit 50% of the received light and reflect the remaining 50%. This unique feature allows you to enjoy an image with consistent brightness from both sides of the screen.

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“Best of the best!! Mocom solstice the best screens! I recommend to everyone! ”

Alexandr Yakovlev


"The curved screen I purchased from MOCOM has taken my Flight Simulation to a new level of realism"

Tom Grove