Rear Projection Screens

Rear Projection Screens


rear prjection screen by mocom

“RearSoft” is a flexible screen for rear projection systems.The dark grey surface improves color contrast and ambient light rejection.The screens are available for permanently fixed installations.

  • Fixed Rear Projection Screen
  • Gain : 3
  • Color : Dark Gray
  • Enhanced contrast
  • 4:3 Ratio : 60″-200″ (Seamless upto 200″)16:9
  • Ratio : 60″~250″(Seamless upto 250″) – Seamless Upto 3,200mm
  • for 2D or Active 3D (No Polarization Preservation)
rear projection screen material

Rear Projection Screens


rear projection screen by mocom

“RearHard” is an acrylic-based rigid screen for rear projection systems.Specifically engineered refractive material indices make this screen  suitable for both 2D and 3D applications. The dark bluish-grey color of the material enhances contrast while rejecting ambient light.

Patents in USA and UK

rear projection screen material
  • Rigid Rear Projection Screen
  • Gain : 3
  • Color : Dark Blue Gray
  • Enhanced contrast
  • Rigid / Acrylic Based
  • 4:3 Ratio : 60″, 80″ (Seamless)
  • 16:9 Ratio : 60″~100″(Seamless)

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