L.E.D Display Alternative


“Brite Board” is Mocom’s new innovative and high-tech product with high brightness and a wide viewing angle up to 120-160°.

It has combined left/right double projection engines with a specially customized lens-shaped projection screen composed of aluminum/metal in sizes of 92~250”.Compared to existing indoor-used LED displays, “Brite Board” has three times higher resolution and 1/10 of the power consumption at 1/4 price.

“Brite Board” solves all the problems of existing imaging boards, which makes it perfect for churches, schools, shopping malls, gyms, etc.

Compared to 3mm LED Displays..

SIX Features of BRITE BOARD™


Super Brightness


Viewing Angle

Wide Viewing Angle



Higher Resolution

watchable at a short distance


Low power consumption

1/10~1/20 of power consumption (Only one projector light source)


Easy Installation

Brite Board™ is installed easily just like other projector, screen installation

After installing..

Low maintain Cost

Only need to change the projector lamp time to time when it is needed.


Brite Board™ boasts its high definition image with high brightness and contrast (equivalent with the effect of using 16,000 ANSI Lumen projector) on a single screen

Viewing Angle

Brite Board™ has a long (300m) viewing distance and a wide viewing angle as forming an angle of left and right of 160 degree.


Three Elements of “Brite Board”

  1. Mocom High Gain Projector Screen

2 Dual Projectors

3 Video Synthesizing Device

Video of “Brite Board”

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