Adhesive Film Installation

Dupic & Mega Projection Screen Film

You can apply the Dupic/Mega Brilliance adhesive film screen onto the glass or the extrude acrylic (rigid transparent surface)

The process is very similar to applying tint film on a vehicle’s window.

First, acquire the following items:

- Dupic screen (preferably an inch larger than the rigid surface on each side)- Spray bottle with a water/soap solution (e.g., Windex)- Squeegee, paper towels and/or a dry, soft cloth (microfiber/lint-free)- Razor knife or sharp scissors

① Clean the transparent surface that you will apply to the screen.

② Fill the spray bottle with water, including a few drops of neutral detergent or Windex.

③ Peel the release liner from one corner of the film.

④ As you pull back the liner, thoroughly spray the adhesive side of the film or the surface.

⑤ Place the film in position.

⑥ Using a squeegee, remove the water and any air bubbles from between the screen and the substrate. Squeeze from the center toward the edges.

⑦ Repeat ⑥ until you remove all water and bubbles.

⑧ Clean the surface and remove the excess water with clean, soft cloth.

⑨ Cut away the excess film.

*Make sure you complete this process in a clean place.