Mocom’s New Product Line “Solstice™” projection screen

With optical technologies, Mocom has launched a new product line "Solstice".

This new "Ultra high-gain front projection screen" is optimized for 2D(HD)/3D applications and features two types of screen material.

One is 18 gain with a wider viewing angle, and the other is 23 gain with higher brightness.

This ultra high gain "concave" projection screen will resolve the problem of low brightness in 3D that incurred during the 3D realization process (3D Glasses and polarization filters), 7times brighter than conventional silver screens.

This projection screen boasts excellent performance in conveying the passive 3D images (both linear and circular) by reflecting polarization at a very high rate and minimizing ghosting.

And ambient light rejecting technologies will enable you to watch any 2D/HD/3D images in any lighting condition.

Mocom HD/3D Projection Screen "Solstice"

For more information about Click here  → "Solstice™" Projection screen



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Mocom’s New Product Line “Solstice™” projection screen

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