LG Cinema 3D Game Festival

LG Cinema 3D Game Festival

Date : April 2-3, 2011

Time: 10:00am - 20:00pm

Venue : Lotte World Ice-link in S. Korea

Hosting by LG Electronic

Supporting  by ncsoft, blizzard, Microsoft, intel, Skylife.

Mocom 3D Silver Screen at LG Cinema 3D festival
Mocom 3D Silver Screen at LG Cinema 3D festival

There will be a promotion event for LG's 3D products including 3D TV, 3D notebook, 3D blu-ray player, and 3D projector (LG 3D CF) - check out Mocom's 3D silver screen 160" as well 🙂

The "GSL (Global Starcraft 2 League) World championship quarterfinal and more competitions, and other events will be shown in 3D. (3D movies, 3D music videos. 3D documentaries)

If you are a big fan of Starcraft, it will be fun to see the games on live in 3D.

If you happen to be in Korea at the time, apply for an invitation on website ("www.lgcinema3d.co.kr") or register on site.

It will be a good chance to try passive 3D products.

You might heard the news about the big arguments between two major electronic companies in Korea regarding 3D technologies (active vs passive).  So why don't you go to the festival and check out what they've got.

I will upload some pictures after the show.



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